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Welcome to the CofC WebVault.

Community of Christ’s website is massive, and naturally, to reduce the amount of space required to store data, some pages are eventually removed.  The purpose of this site is to preserve various documents that the church has posted on it’s website, and which are no longer available.  These documents are preserved because they are, in some manner (at least in my opinion), noteworthy.

Disclaimer: This site is not an official church site.

Please note, by default, blog pages in this site will say that I’m the author of the documents posted.  I’m not.

Regarding titles of people.  Priesthood offices/positions are whatever they were when the document in question was created.  So, anything by Stephen M. Veazey from 2013 will say Prophet-President, however, his items from 2002 will say Apostle.

Links to other blogs:

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