2013 Words of Counsel – Inspired Counsel to the Church (President Veazey)
2013 Letter of Counsel
– Changes in the Presiding Councils, Quorums & Orders (Veazey)


Hearing Good News…Being Good News – First Presidency Address (Veazey, Savage)


The Mission Matters Most! – Introducing the Mission Initiatives (President Veazey)


Do You Love Me? – President Schall’s World Conference 2010 closing sermon
Listen and Fear Not! – Communion sermon by Apostle Bunda Chibwe
We Share a Vision of Hope – Sermon by Prophet-President Stephen M. Veazey
Keynote Address – by Rev. Dr. Kinnamon, General Secretary, National Council of Churches


Facing Our Challenges – An interview with President Veazey, re: A Defining Moment
Courage & Hope – A brief revelation from A Defining Moment
A Defining Moment – President Veazey’s 1st annual address to the church


The Restoring Christ – President Veazey’s sermon shared at Kirtland Temple


Share the Peace of Jesus Christ – President Veazey’s 2005 World Conference Sermon


Regarding the resignation of Prophet-President W. Grant McMurray:

Letter of Resignation – By Prophet-President W. Grant  McMurray
Resolution of the Council of Twelve Apostles
Response of the First Presidency – By Presidents Judd & Robinson
Discernment Process – By Presidents Judd & Robinson


Guidance for Consideration… By Presiding Evangelist Danny A. Belrose
Presidential Statement – By Prophet-President W. Grant McMurray
The Passion of the Disciple: From Cross to Community
– By President McMurray
I am the Way
– By President Kenneth Robinson


Proclaim the Risen ChristBy President of Seventy Robert R. Kyser II (Senior President)
Ordination Charge – By Apostle Stephen M. Veazey
Walking with Jesus – By Darrell L. Mink
Look, Touch – See – By High Priest David M. Schaal
Called to Discipleship:  Coming Home in Search of the Path – By President McMurray
The Word Near Emmaus – By Apostle A. Alex Kahtava
Bylaws of Community of Christ – Adopted in 2002, revised in 2010
2002 Letter of Counsel – Changes in the Presiding Councils, Quorums & Orders


Questions on Church Name Change  – Answered by the President
A Transforming Faith: Our Call to Discipleship – Presidential sermon
Transformation 2000: We Have Become – Presidential address
2000 Letter of Counsel – Changes in the Presiding Councils, Quorums & Orders


Section 160 – President W.B. Smith’s successor is designated


A Letter of Instruction – By Joseph Smith III – An overview of the process of succession


Section 111 – Monogamy is the only valid form of marriage

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